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My name is Kirsten Boileau. I have no idea who I am. I lost myself along time ago, if you can even say it was myself I knew. This life I lead scares me and the life ahead scares me even more. I am really hard to figure out and I am too easy to say goodbye to. Some people say I change their lives, and I do, I ruin them. So it's best to never get to know me. I say I am complex but most of that is due to my Personality Disorders, not me myself. You will never know what I am thinking, because my mind is forever changing, as is my life. I might be here one day and leave the next. I'm a wanderer, so please step back and let me go. Because things never do really change, do they?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Julian called.
Just when I was glueing myself together, he breaks me.
I just hanging on by a thread.
And my good friend well best friend wasn't there when I needed him the most.
He better have a damned good excuse.
My friend David has been helping me escape.
He made me feel happiness.
He made me feel alive, human.
We have our late night adventures.
Well had, now his girlfriend got in the way.
So now without him...
Am I going to lose those feelings?
I'm scared to find out.
Because right now I am at my weakest,
And the slight brush can blow me away.

Help me.

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